January 29, 2009

Winter Storm

Winter Storm, originally uploaded by k.l.macke.

One morning I woke up to a massive snow fall blanketed Port Huron. Which does not happen here very often because of where we are located. Port Huron sits at the base of lake Huron and just west of Sarina Canada. Most snow and bad weather will bypass us and head straight for Canada.

The snow was so thick and heavy it covered it all. It seamed to transform it all into a black and white image. I love it when it's like this!

January 20, 2009

U.P. Lake

U.P. Lake, originally uploaded by k.l.macke.

I know I know it's been a long time and I feel bad about it. I wanted to do this a lot more regularly but I failed and maybe I can pick it up a bit.

I was digging around the basement and found some of my old photos that I had shot with a Canon EOS Rebel 35mm. So I thought why not scan them in and try a little Photoshop on them. I recently picked up a copy of Photoshop Elements 7 and I like most everything about it. I had the full Photoshop 7 before and I don't think I will miss much on the scaled down version here.

This was an image of a lake (I don't remember where for sure) in the upper peninsula of Michigan a few years back. Just one of those great misty, foggy days. It was so peaceful out there with no one around for miles. I would like to go back and do that again someday.

January 8, 2009

Last Nights

Last Nights, originally uploaded by k.l.macke.

Sometimes when you need a little inspiration one does not have to walk far. Tonight, desperate because it has been to long, I wanted to take some photos but had a lack of options. It was to snowy outside so inside would have to do. I thought I would get a little close or as close as I could. Thus found myself gazing at the dishes in the drain wondering what I could do. This was the result not a great photo but just trying to convey a need I had to shoot something.

January 5, 2009

close up

close up, originally uploaded by Disco ♥ Tetris.

I think this girl has a wonderful eye for life around her and captures it very well.

08/08/2008 - Going Somewhere

08/08/2008 - Going Somewhere, originally uploaded by k.l.macke.

Thought I would pick one that I like a lot. This was taken at Denver International Airport when I was coming back home. It was also Flickr's 888 day ( Aug 8, 08). The three just waiting around just like most everybody else that day deep into what they where doing. I think that the cowboy hat set the image that Denver is not just a place cowboys but a place for people who want to be cowboys.

Now I just need to remove that pesky window bar.