May 4, 2009

Daisy In Decay

Daisy In Decay, originally uploaded by k.l.macke.

I shot this for the Tech Guy radio show with Leo Laporte. He has an assignment every month and April's was decay. So I found what was dying around the house. Not sure if it give the sense that I was trying to convey as it is in decay, yet it seamed still a little to alive. This was taken from a small group of flowers that had frozen over night. As I was working with it, it began to thaw rather quickly. It drooped quite a bit.

Much to my surprise this morning when I was driving to Detroit, I was listening to the Tech Guy Podcast. I am not able to listen to the show when it airs so I am a little behind. Towards the end of it Leo and Chris Marquardt were going over the some of the entries and I heard my name. I was so delighted to hear I was able to create an image that they both liked.

I wanted to thank Leo and Chris for the kind words on the The Tech Guy Show # 554 about the photo.