December 24, 2008

Into the fog

Into the fog, originally uploaded by k.l.macke.

This was the first trip to Maine that we took. I was not sure what to expect from it except the smell of seafood (which after the 3rd day was overwhelming), lobster rolls at almost every corner and maybe a carved wooden fisherman in a yellow slicker. We went late in the year which was good and bad. Less people about but the weather was less cooperative, fog almost every morning. We wanted to go out to see whales and other animals on one of those cruises. The boat that we where to go on may not even head out because of the fog. We did go however, needless to say it did not go well. Two of us got very sick and Emily was disappointed as we did not see any whales, but we did see a few animals. Acadia National Park was great to see. the beaches and lighthouses just amazing. I need to go back though it was good trip and next time it will be even better.

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